Trump and the Iran nuclear deal

View online Should the Iran nuclear deal fall apart, the consequences for the Middle East region would be “unfathomable”, according to a new report from the International Crisis Group. The report, coming on the eve on Donald Trump’s inauguration, urges … Continue reading

Jerusalem’s broken homes

View online For decades, Israel has been accused of using home demolitions as a tool to control the Palestinian population in the occupied territories. Approving less than two percent of all requests for building permits submitted by Palestinians, Israel then … Continue reading

Cuba after Castro

View online Since Raul Castro took Cuba’s helm from his ailing brother in 2008, the communist country’s economic waters have gradually shifted. Restrictions on private enterprise were eased, allowing Cubans to open restaurants and ply their trades. The government introduced … Continue reading

Mosul and the ashes of war

View online As Iraqi forces press closer towards Mosul, ISIL fighters are digging in, displaying fierce resistance to the imminent recapture of their last urban stronghold in the country. It could still take weeks or even months, but it is … Continue reading