Megan O’Toole is a veteran Canadian journalist with thousands of articles published by major media outlets worldwide. In addition to her work throughout North America, she has covered stories in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Cyprus, Morocco and the Syria-Turkey border region. She has reported from the front lines of the war against ISIS, chronicled the aftermath of the devastating 2014 Gaza conflict, and travelled to the shores of the Mediterranean to examine the migrant crisis unfolding there.

Primary themes of Megan’s work include international politics, legal systems, global conflicts and human rights. Currently based out of the Al Jazeera network’s Doha headquarters, where she manages a team of freelance writers on the Middle East and North Africa desk, Megan previously spent a decade as an editor and reporter in the Canadian newspaper industry. As a legal and political reporter, she helped to expose municipal corruption, while also highlighting flaws within the backlogged Ontario court system.

For more of Megan’s work, follow her on Twitter: @megan_otoole